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Village Stakčín

Was established based on Wallachian law by the Ruthenian population. At the first time it was documented in 1317 under the name Zaktson. Tha archeological findings from neolithic and copper period  were finded in the village. It belonged to the Humenian estate of the Drugeht family, the last owners were Weihnainovci. Currently it has 2400 inhabitants. 

The oldest monuments are rococo mansion from the second part of the 18th century, that was extended in neogotic style in the send part of the 19th century. The next is stone granary from the first part of the 1th century. There is also english park from the 19th century. There are two war cemeteries and two monuments from the war times. The orthodox church from the year 1955 built in oldrussian style is the biggest archeological monument.

The village is composed from the 7 areas former villages, that existed on the place of present water reservoir Starina. The area is a part of natural park Poloniny and a part of Poloniny dark-sky park. Part of undisturbed forest in the area is a part of World Natural Heritage - Carpathian beech forests (Vihorlat).

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